“A Condensed History of the New Millennium” by Roxana Fuentes and Cnut (2019)

“Our history is an aggregate of last moments.”
Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

Record Player X (2019)
Occupy (2019)
The Archives of Terror (2019)
Pink Noise (2019)
The Skull of Saint Mary Magdalene at the Basilica in St. Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume (2019)
The New Fundamentalism (2019)
Montmartre Necropolis at Night (2019)
Red Rain in Kerala (2019)
Pools of Blood Via Landsat (2019)


Roxana Fuentes is a photographer based in Montreal, Quebec, working primarily in female portraiture. Roxana explores her fascination with aesthetics, passion, romanticism, and inner contemplation through a series of representational and abstract images. “A Condensed History of the New Millennium” is a panoptic gallery capturing Roxana’s first collaboration with Cnut. 

Cnut “the Runemaker” is the resident artist at http://www.thenewpoetics.com and “A Condensed History of the New Millennium is a series that was produced in partnership with Roxana Fuentes, which illustrates the unpredictable, highly fascinating, push-pull dynamics of this odd artistic relationship.