Comics in the 1990s

The biggest comic book trade I almost made during the 1990s involved a set of 1980s comics: “Spiderman vs. Wolverine” and “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” On the surface you’d have to consider the trade fairly one sided: “Kraven’s Last Hunt” is considered by many discerning readers to be a grim modern-day classic while the cartoonish “Spiderman vs. Wolverine” merely showcased a pretty good fight between the eponymous characters. My dear friend Pedro and I sat beneath the shade of an Oak tree in what must have been the Spring of 1990 attempting to swing the vaunted aforementioned trade, only to have the parley halted midway by the frantic screaming of our dimwitted classmate who had nearly impaled himself attempting to climb a spiked perimeter fence that divided the grounds of our elementary school from the adjoining primary. The ghastly sight of his gouged forearm was enough to vanquish any thoughts of comics from our minds that day. In the aftermath, Nat surprisingly returned to school the very next schoolday with some nifty bandaging around his pulsing forearm, bragging about the cool scar he had gained, while Pedro and I resumed talks and attempted to return to our trade a few short weeks later, although it never quite materialized the way I had hoped, most likely because I visibly wanted the trade too hard, and Pedro had keen eye for such imbalances. How different things would have turned out for all if only the comics had been exchanged into the right hands on that fateful sunny day. As it stood, I secretly blamed Nat and his inopportune wound, however irrationally, for all that went wrong with comicdom in the 1990s. The twelve comics highlighted below are some of the things that went right.