“All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace” by Cnut (2018)

“Alas, the gates of life never swing open except upon death, never open except upon the palaces and gardens of death. And the universe appears to me like an immense, inexorable torture-garden. Blood everywhere and, where there is most life, horrible tormentors who dig your flesh, saw your bones, and retract your skin with sinister, joyful faces.”

Octave Mirbeau, The Torture Garden

The Hanging Garden 9
Tree of Pain (2018)
The Hanging Garden
The Harvester of Sorrow (2018)
The Hanging Garden 6
Aufheben (2018)
The Hanging Garden 7
Body Without Organs (2018)
The Hanging Garden 8
Tunica Molesta (2018)
The Hanging Garden 1
The Pear of Anguish (2018)
The Hanging Garden 5
The Hell Libertine (2018)
The Hanging Garden 4
How the Gods Kill (2018)
The Hanging Garden 2
The Golden Rule (2018)


Cnut “the Runemaker” is the resident artist at http://www.thenewpoetics.com and “The Machines of Loving Grace” is his newest hellish rune, which we are proud to call our own, but please enter the funhouse at your own risk.