Fine Art in the 2000s

We all wondered where the easel and canvas had disappeared to, as art began to tattoo walls in cities all over the world, installations upending people on every corner, stopping the traffic, getting in the fucking way. Why does art keep getting in the way? Fine Art, visual art, conceptual art, painting, drawing, sculpture, whatever you want to call it, however you prefer to classify it, took the lead in the 21st Century, as the art of arts, and then took the next step and evolved into something that was more than just art, like an urbane Pinocchio, it learnt to walk and talk and swear. It made the other arts look too square, too safe, too two-dimensional, and way-too-easily commodified by comparison. In the 21st Century, in our post-modern, post-imperial, post-colonial, post-national, post-911, post-Marxist, post-capitalist, post-Christian, post-ethical, post-gender, post-racial, post-fucking-everything, dog-eat-dog era, thanks to artists like Hirst, Banksy, Weiwei, Catalan, Fairey, JR, art became confrontational and dangerous again, cutting through the static noise like an electrified antenna, and just like that, the disenfranchised people had a champion again in the gutters of the globalized hyper-materialistic marketplace.