Cinema in the 2000s

9/11, the birth of Wikipedia, the Fall of Enron, the Mapping of the Human Genome, the War on Terror, Google, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, Youtube, Global Warming, Facebook, Hurricane Katrina, Same-Sex Marriage, Operation Red Dawn, the first Black President, the London Bombings. As we entered a new millennium, the world as we knew it ended, just as the religious zealots and eschatological calendarists had predicted. And then it began again. Not with a bang but with a low guttural groan: gaze blank and pitiless as the sun, moving its slow thighs, its rough hour come round at last, like mere anarchy loosed upon the world. There was a reason why the zombie successfully captured the popular imagination in the early parts of the 21st Century. The zombie wasn’t our xenophobic instinct come to light. It wasn’t the enemy at the gates. The zombie was our hidden perception of our own decaying political selves. And now, in the era of dissolving borders and mass exodus, the prophecy of the post-national nation is coming to roost. These twelve films represent some of the tumult of the 21st Century, but mostly they are just damn good movies and form, what I consider to be, an essential study of cinema during the naughts, one of many, yet, paraprasing Lebniz, I think one of the best possible worlds to contemplate.